Married to the Empire

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mini Getaway and No-Obligation Weekend

Steven's company does part of the website for Omni Hotels, and it's Steven's main project.  His project manager had a voucher for a free night's stay at any Omni, but she couldn't use it before it expired, so she offered it to us.  We wanted to stay in Fort Worth, but they were booked up, so we opted for the Omni Mandalay in Las Colinas.  It's a beautiful hotel, and we were given a gorgeous and huge room.

We had a great view of the canal and downtown Dallas in the distance.

The hotel is a mere 4 miles from Pappadeaux, my favorite restaurant, so we had dinner there Saturday night. 

There's really not a lot to tell about our weekend.  We didn't run off and do touristy things, as we live in the area.  It was just nice to go somewhere else to sleep, as it gives the feeling of vacation without having to really go far.  We didn't even need to get catsitters!  Steven wound up watching that new show on TNT called Falling Skies.  (I expect he'll be ordering that through Zune on his XBox, as we don't have cable.)  We took a late-night walk along the canal.  And I stayed up late to finish a book.  That's vacation, as far as I'm concerned. 

We also made this one of our rare No-Obligation Weekends.  That's where we only do what we want to do.  In other words, no obligations.  We did eat with friends both Saturday and Sunday afternoons, but that's fun for us, and not an obligation.  We were heathens who skipped church, though.  Church is often work for us, seeing as Steven is the youth minister, and I sing on the praise team nearly every Sunday morning, so part of getting away is not attending church.  I suppose that sounds bad, but it is another job in some sense, and everyone needs a vacation from their jobs.

Even if you can't get away, I highly recommend No-Obligation Weekends if you're as busy as we are.


Beth S said...

I love weekends like that! Nice to be close to home but feel like you're on vacation!

Anonymous said...

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