Married to the Empire

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Whirly Twirly

Steven has taken to calling Ninja Whirly Twirly.  It's a fitting name, as this cat just can't sit still.  He tries; he really does.  He'll settle in for a snuggle when Steven gets in bed, but within moments, Ninja is hopping all over the bed, attacking knees, biting toes, diving under the covers, stealing bookmarks.  He just can't help himself.  He's full of energy, and he loves life.  He's fun to have around.

Then again, he's a challenge.  He likes to take a flying leap into my lap, but instead, he often lands on my stomach.  That's uncomfortable in normal circumstances, but when there's a hard little knot of a baby in there--OOF.  I keep telling him not to step on the baby, but he doesn't understand. 

Cutting his claws is difficult.  I refuse to always have to have it be a two-person job, so last week, I attempted it on my own.  I managed to get three paws done, but he would not sit still for that final fourth paw.  I finally had to let him go.  He decided that instead of running off, he'd settle in the sink.  Um, okay.

Nevermind that the water was running and getting him wet!  (I'd turned it on for Doogie.  It was his little treat for letting me cut his claws.  He loves to drink out of the sink.)  But you know what?  The novelty was such that he let me cut the claws on that final paw.  Whatever works!

He loves watching the birds in the backyard.  A bird landed on the window sill, and it was just killing him.  Look at the blur of a tail, as it twitched like mad!

He's driving poor Doogie nuts.  Ninja loves to chase and wrestle.  Doogie likes those things, too, but he's an old man these days, and I think his kidney disease is progressing.  (It doesn't help that he prefers Ninja's regular cat food to his own renal-diet food.)  I also think he's got some arthritis, as he limps a bit some days.  Ninja doesn't understand Doogie's limits, so he attacks indiscriminately, which can lead to some major anger on Doogie's part.  I have to break up fights every once in while.  Yep, one of my many hats is Cat Referee.

But every once in a while, they have their sweet moments together, and I feel blessed when I manage to catch them.


Thirsty said...

Love it!

I can only imagine what the whole claw-clipping experience would be like.

Beth S said...

Ninja is a beautiful cat! A handful, but so pretty. I can cut Toby's claws by myself, but Snowy is still a 2 person job. He sounds like Ninja - waaaay to squirmy to sit still. I have to check and see if I have your address - I saw a postcard and thought of you so I bought it last week. :)

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