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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Silly Songs

My furballs all have songs.  I can't look at them and not compose songs about them.  (Well, I use the term compose loosely, as I basically just change the words to existing songs.)  Ninja is the latest victim of this particular quirk of mine.  There was one evening after he'd been with us for only a few weeks, and he was crying and upset because I went to the bathroom without him.  (What is it with cats wanting to be with us when we're in the bathroom?!)  He was wailing outside the closed door, so I started singing a song to him from some Charlie Brown special. 

Poor little Ninja Cat.
You don't know where you're at. 
Who could love you?
I do, that's who!
Poor little Ninja Cat. 

He's also got one based on the "Weenie Man" song.  (Go here, if you're unfamiliar with this camp classic.)

I know a Ninja Cat, his fur is shiny black
He's really naughty every da-a-ay.
Someday I'll make him good
Have him acting as he should
Oh, how I love my Ninja Cat!

Calvin's main song was brought about because he was 1.5 years old when Steven adopted him.  Apparently, he'd had a family, and they got rid of him.  We went through some spraying issues with Calvin early on (those years really tried my patience!), so my guess is that he was doing something like that with his former family, which led them to dump him.  (Poor, sweet baby.  He really was a good cat.  We eventually learned what was causing him to do that, and it was a litterbox issue.  Once we got that resolved, no more spraying ever!)  Anyway, his song is sung to the chorus of Avril Lavigne's "Sk8r Boi."

He was a naughty cat, they said, "We don't want you back!"
He wasn't good enough for them.
Now he's a little prince, given his every wish
He says, "They suck!" and he's happier now. 

Doogie, oddly enough, is my music lover who doesn't have much by way of songs.  He enjoys his brothers' songs, but he never really liked what I sang to him about him.  (There's something about the vowels in his name that prevents me from finding a really good song for him.)  I used to sing from Snoopy, Come Home to him, but he never liked it.

Doo-oo-oo-gie, Doo-oo-oo-gie
You're home, Doogie, you're home.  (You're home, you're home.)
Doo-oo-oo-gie, Doo-oo-oo-gie
You're home, Doogie, you're home.

This little cat will race to me from across the house when I sing (he's my biggest fan!), but he always made it clear that he didn't care for that song.  So, I started just inserting his name into the Star Wars anthem, and he seems to like that.  I wish I could come up with something better for him, but his drama-free life just doesn't give me the same song material as his naughty brothers' lives do/did. 

I expect that once our baby boy arrives, new songs will start, and someday I'll totally embarrass my kid by singing silly songs about him.


becky s. said...

Here's one we sang to our kitty Silver, who had his surgeries in late December (to the tune of "Silver Bells"):

Silver Cat, Silver Cat
Soon you will be
Declawed and neutered

Still makes me chuckle.

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