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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Our youth group leaves tomorrow after church for camp.  I didn't get to go last year because of a sick pet, and now I can't go this year because of pregnancy.  I hate missing out, but it can't be helped.

The next best thing to going to camp is adopting a camper.  We do this every year, and the students really look forward to it.  They fill out a form with things like hobbies and favorite snacks listed, and whoever "adopts" them sends them off to camp with a bag full of goodies and the promise to pray.  I've really enjoyed putting together a bag for my camper this year. 

I wound up making her bag in 3 of her 4 listed favorite colors.  I filled it with her favorite snacks, a water bottle, a water gun (as I heard a rumor that she may be needing it this year), gum, a bag of quarters for buying drinks at vending machines, a pack of multi-colored pens, and some homemade things. 

A flower pin/hair thingy made with a new die I bought for the Sizzix my cousin gave me.  LOVE the Sizzix!

A doctored up composition book

Close-up of the bible verse on the composition book

Stamped-velvet bookmark with her initial on it and a paper bookmark

Close-up of the bible verse on the paper bookmark

I just hope she likes it all!  More importantly, I hope she has a wonderful, spiritual-growth-filled week at camp!

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