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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Clearing Out: Part 2

The Great Purge is more like the Great Messing Up.  My house is now officially a disaster.  I thought the hallway was bad:

It's lined with stuff to be given away or thrown out. 

But then I got started on the closet in the craft room, which meant pulling a bunch of stuff out.  Here's what I'm facing now:

I pulled out some plastic shelves that have never been terribly accessible.  I cleared everything off of them, so I figured I didn't need them anymore.  The bonus would be a nice big space for my wedding dress!  Or so I thought.  With the makeshift shelves that are still in there, I can't get the giant dress box in there.  It gets wedged.  *sigh*  So now the wedding dress is sitting in the hallway, just waiting to find a new home.  This is hard!

The master bedroom is a bit of a mess, too, but at least it's nothing like the disaster I created in the craft room:

The vacuum cleaner is out like that because I bought some Space Bags today.  Yes, I succumbed to infomercials.  But you know what?  They work!  They're not all neat and pretty and perfectly cubed like on TV, but it'll do.  These 2 bags contain a down comforter and 4 pillows:

This makes storage a lot easier now with the airy bulk sucked out.  Every little bit helps at this point!  The guest room was the catch-all for overflow linens, boxes, gifts, games, etc., so this is some serious reshifting of stuff going on. 

I'm also having to clear out some space in the linen closet for towels and sheets for Baby, so that meant clearing out space in the master bedroom closet.  And I did it!!!  At least in the midst of all the mess, there's some degree of success that I'm able to see.  Even better, when I posted on Facebook about the oodles of jeans I'm getting rid of, a friend who is originally from the Philippines said she'd take them.  She sends boxes of stuff back home to help those in need, and that includes jeans.  So it's nice to know that some of my cast-offs are going to a good cause. 

Hopefully I can get all this mess cleaned up before Steven returns home from camp.  I'd hate for him to walk into a disaster after a week of hard labor.  What a nice surprise it would be for him to come home to a clean and reorganized house, instead.  I've got 2 days...

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Catherine said...

Those space bags are a miracle, aren't they? They take a little practice to get them to look pretty like the infomercials. But, pretty or not, they certainly save a lot of space!