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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Homemade Burp Cloths with Thrifted Fabric

A few months ago I went to the estate sale of a former crafter.  It was advertised as such, and I wasn't disappointed.  The master bedroom was filled with fabric, ribbon, thread, and other various crafting items.  I came away with several full spools of ribbon, which I like to use on gifts--so much nicer than cheap wrapping ribbon.  (And they make great hair ribbons for little girls afterwards or cat toys for the household felines.)  I also left with four pieces of flannel fabric in solid and baby-ish prints.  My plan was to make burp cloths with them.  I spent a total of $4 for all the fabric.

As with most of my sewing projects, this went in stages.  I started with washing the fabric right after I brought it home sometime in the spring.  Then I didn't around to cutting it out until late June.  I looked up online typical measurements for burp cloths, then made a cardstock template in that size.  (I think it wound up being 10" x 18", but I really can't remember for sure.)  I laid it out on the wrong side of the fabric and traced around it with a charcoal pencil. 

I wound up cutting out twenty pieces total to make ten burp cloths.  I used yellow fabric for the back of the burp cloths with the moons and stars, and white flannel for the back of the ones with puppies.  I failed to take any photos of the rest of the process (which finally occurred this past week), but it was just pinning the fabric with right sides together and sewing all around the rectangle, leaving an opening big enough for my hand to fit through.  Once that was done, I cut off the corners, then turned the fabric right side out.  Then I sewed all around the edges to sew the hole closed and to give it a nice finished look.  

I'm very pleased with how they turned out!  They'll be great for our soon-to-arrive baby boy.  I think I got a remarkable value out of my $4 spent on estate-sale fabric.  The only bad thing is that I think the fabric had been sitting in her home for a few years and had been previously washed.  I, of course, then washed it again when I brought it home.  It doesn't look as new as I'd like, which means I won't be giving any of this batch as gifts.  But I guess that works out because all the other pregnant women I know right now are having girls. 


Anonymous said...

You will get lots of use from those burp cloths. They will also be useful on the changing table in the public restrooms when you must change the baby while out and about.
I have collected lots of the flannel blankets from tag sales, garage sales, and thrift shops. I love to cut them up and make bigger blankets from them. They make cute quilts. In Texas with our heat, I do not put a poly fill or batting between the layers. I use a simple rail fence or log cabin lay out of the quilt.
Best wishes to you and the husband for the pending birth of your son. I know it will be a joy filled time for both of you. Roxie

Anonymous said...

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