Married to the Empire

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby? What Baby?

There's really no good way to prep our cats for the arrival of a baby.  They just don't have a clue.  They are aware that my belly is getting bigger, but I don't think they get why.  It's funny to watch them try to sit in my lap these days, as they realize there's less room, or if they want to be on me, there's this mound of belly that they have to navigate.  There have been times that Doogie obviously wanted in my lap, and I was inviting him up, but he just kept staring at my belly suspiciously.  And Ninja has fallen off my lap a few times when turning around.  I thought it was because my lap shrank and took him by surprise, but then he fell off of Steven's lap, too.  Our little Ninja isn't always so ninja-like. 

We've been collecting necessary furniture and clearing out the guest room.  The cat beds have been moved out, as well as the futon that Doogie liked to sleep on during the day.  Doogie is still determined to sleep in that room, though, regardless of the fact that all of his beds are gone.

Ninja truly has no concept of the phrase, "That's for the baby, not you!"

"What do you mean this isn't a cat bed?  It looks like one and feels like one.  Besides, I see no baby (whatever that is) using it!  It's MINE!"
"Burp cloth?  What's a burp cloth?  I just see it as soft, warm, and available, so it's mine!"
We suspect the baby's arrival is going to be quite the shock for our furry boys. 


Becky said...

I found one of my cats on the changing table before our son arrived, too. I thought it might be a problem, but once the baby arrived, they wanted NOTHING to do with his bedroom. They stayed far, far away for quite awhile :)

I think the hardest part for my cats was the lack of attention they got when our son was a newborn. They still don't get as much attention now as they did before we had a child.

The cats definitely don't like Jude (my son) any more today than they did when he was newborn. Now that he's walking, chasing cats is a favorite hobby. Luckily, they are still faster than him and they can get high out of reach!

Anonymous said...

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