Married to the Empire

Monday, September 5, 2011


We painted the nursery last week. 

It just about killed Ninja because kitties were locked out of the room during the process.  He doesn't like to be left out, and closed doors with his people behind them drive him crazy!  But we knew he'd be dancing in the paint trays if we let him in. 

The next night we set up the furniture. 

We also have a bookshelf and a chest of drawers in there.  I'd like to move my rocking chair in there, too, but I'm not sure there's room for it.  We still need to get stuff up on the walls, but it's coming together. 

We put the room together just in time for our first baby shower.  Steven's coworkers gave us a shower, and we were so blessed to receive some great gifts, including our stroller/carseat combo.  We now feel semi-prepared, as baby Alex now has a bed (but no sheets), a carseat for riding safely in the car, and some other basic necessities.  Notice the tent on the crib?  We love our Ninja Cat, but we just don't trust him not to try to sleep with the baby.  My dear BFF from junior high school, who is expecting a baby one day after me (crazy, huh?) sent us the tent, and we really appreciate it!  The crib itself was also simply given to us.  Free is good!  It's amazing how generous people become when they hear you're having a baby. 

The cats still don't understand that this is now the baby's room and no longer theirs.

Hey, Mom!  We're starting to think you're a little bit crazy because we see no baby!

The shower at Steven's office had a Star Wars theme (not too shocking), and one of the artists photoshopped a picture of Steven to make this poster:

It absolutely cracks me up every time I see it!  I think Steven is planning to hang it in his weight room, which is what the former Star Wars room became. 


Heather said...

It looks great! And our kitty was OBSESSED with the crib once we set it up. I was sure we would need a tent too, but once the baby was born (and actually not even in the crib) she completely stayed out of it. And previously I had to rewash the sheets and such multiple times because it had become 'her' bed. So, you just never know...maybe your kitties will decide that Alex has his space and it is no longer theirs! My kitty was seriously interested in sitting next to me being a part of every nursing session. Not obnoxiously so, but just would come running and sit on the top of the chair or the arm and be there while the nursing was going on.

Animals are something else when their world gets changed, huh? And that same older, somewhat crotchety cat became the BEST cat for toddlers. After every tail pull or 'smash the cat' move she'd just come back for more. We were shocked, but really glad she loved our kids as much as we did!


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