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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nursery Name Banner

We didn't really intend to have a theme in the nursery, but it sort of morphed into a space theme after I found some awesome spacey artwork.  Even better, I found some great scrapbook paper that fit the theme, as well.  To make wall decor affordable, we framed some of that scrapbook paper, and I also used some to make a name banner to hang above the crib. 

I started with some chipboard banner pieces I bought at Stamp Asylum in Plano.  (I'm a tad obsessed with that store.)  Because all of our picture frames in the nursery are black, I didn't want brown borders on the banner.  I bought some black distress stain and covered the edges of the chipboard.

Next, I made a template from cardstock and used it to trace onto scrapbook paper.  (The robot paper is my husband's favorite.)  I wouldn't ordinarily trace on the front of the paper, but I wanted to make sure everything was nice and straight with the designs.  I then cut out the paper. 

Next, I applied Mod Podge to the back of the paper and adhered it to the chipboard.

While all that was drying, I got out my handy-dandy Sizzix machine and cut out letters and stars. 

Then I painted Mod Podge all over my cutouts and sprinkled liberally with glitter.  I made a colossal mess in the process.  Usually I love glitter, but today, I was hating it.  Must be a pregnancy thing. 

Also a pregnancy thing (or maybe it was just because I was too covered in glitter), I forgot to take any pictures of the next few steps.  I Mod Podged all over the top of the banner pieces with the scrapbook paper adhered.  Then I glued on all the glittery bits.  Finally, I took it all out to the garage to spray everything with some clear sealer, as I don't want bits of glitter falling onto my baby. 

With the banner pieces completed, I just needed to punch holes for the ribbon, then string it together.

Here's my super-simple secret for attaching bows to a banner and making loops for hanging.  Tie bows, then flip them over and slip a twist tie through the back of it.

Next, make a loop in the hanging ribbon, and twist the twist tie around it.  It makes a secure loop and keeps the bow attached to the ribbon. 

Trim any ribbon ends you want, and voila!  All done!  Ready for hanging. 

(Don't worry; it's only hanging on the crib for picture-taking purposes.  It will go on the wall above the crib, with all strings safely out of reach of baby.)

I'm linking this post with Mod Podge Rocks, a very fun blog for Mod Podge projects.  Be sure to visit there and take a look around.  Lots of great stuff over there!


*carrie* said...

Great job, Anne Marie! Very creative.

Beth S said...

Looks great! My kids (and I) also really liked the robot/space theme items. I've found great sheets and pillowcases - 100% cotton, not scratchy poly - at We have/used to have pirates, rockets, trucks, maps, etc. It can be expensive so watch for sales.

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