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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby Crafting

I've been doing a lot of sewing for babies lately.  (And I'm a bit burned out on it, to be honest.)  My BFF from junior high school, whom I am still friends with, is due with a baby girl.  Her due date is just one day after mine.  What are the odds?  I stitched up a few things to send to her. 

Burp cloths:

A personalized, ruffle-butt onesie:

I won't lie; I think I just did an okay job on the onesie, not a great one.  But at least my attempts at applique went from looking like a drunk monkey did them to looking like a sober monkey did them!  Still, I went ahead and sent it because I still think it turned out cute, even if it's not perfect.  (But I found myself glad that I'm expecting a boy because I would have had to make a ruffle-butt for my own child had he been a girl.  And I didn't really enjoy sewing on ruffles.  Other bloggers make it look and sound so easy, but I guess I'm just not talented enough to find it simple.)

An elephant pacifier holder (I'm most proud of this one):

I got the pattern from this book, which I checked out from the library.  Lots of cute projects in it!  This particular one called for using felt, but since this is for a baby, I used fleece instead.  Fleece is washable; felt is not.  I also made an elephant paci holder for my Alex.  It was too cute not to!  I had fabric leftover from this project, so it didn't even cost me anything, other than the pacifiers.

This next one didn't wind up being a gift.  I just made it for my own baby.  It's an elephant rattle:

I added 3 jingle bells inside the head (well surrounded by batting and tightly sewn in), so it makes a soft jingly sound that's not annoying.  (The not-annoying part is very important to this migraine-prone mama!)  I'm not thrilled with the placement of the handle, so I may still rip that out and resew it.  We'll see.  I'm pretty tired of sewing at this point, so I may just leave it.

And last but not least, my newest furry baby needed a little something.  I sewed up a simple rectangle of fleece, stuffed it with batting and catnip, and added a ribbon (because Ninja loves ribbons).  I think he likes it!

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