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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Latest Baby News

I saw my OB yesterday for a check-up and a sonogram. I had Steven come with me for the first time (he went with me to see the high-risk OB the day we found out the gender, but he hadn't met my regular OB).  Something my OB said last time made me think that she thinks he's an uninvolved father, which is just silly.  I can't see any point in having him miss work just to accompany me to an appointment in which we chat, she measures my belly, and she listens to the heartbeat.  But I didn't feel bad about asking him to come for a sonogram. And because he is involved, he had no problem saying yes.  (Don't even ask me why I care what my OB thinks.  It's probaby the hormones talking.)

After the frightening experience of my last sonogram, I was apprehensive about getting another one.  The good news is that we were told everything looks normal!  We came away with tons of pictures, which I would scan if we owned a scanner.  Not that one can really tell, but the facial shots we have of him just look like a baby.  We see no evidence of chromosomal abnormalities, so I'm hoping this means we have a perfectly healthy baby growing right now. 

I was told that he measures approximately 4 lbs. 12 oz. right now, which sounds like a lot to me, as I'm only 31 weeks, but the doctor said it's fine.  He's in the 83% range size-wise, which is healthy.  Considering his weight right now, I'm surprised I've only gained 14 lbs. total.  (Kind of hoping this means I'll be skinnier after I've had a baby!  Even my rheumatologist mentioned that I appear to have lost weight in pregnancy.  Go figure! If the baby wants to eat my fat, he's welcome to it!  I just want him to stop eating my brain.) 

We also received a third confirmation that he's a boy.  So, I feel as if I can now confidently announce his name:  Matthew Alexander.  Matthew is after my father and grandfather.  Alexander is just because Steven likes it.  We'll call him Alex. 


Jen said...

Great name! I'm glad this appointment was better. :)

Rhonda said...

that is all very good news!

Moderndayhermit said...

Congratulations! Lovely name :).

Anonymous said...

Oh how I like that name. It is wonderful.
Best wishes to you with the rest of your pregnancy. Being pregnant is not easy, being pregnant in this heat is just frightful.
Roxie in Round Rock

*carrie* said...

Anne Marie,

Thanks for the update. Glad things are looking good!

Interesting fact about me: I was born at 33 weeks, and weighed 4 lbs, 13 oz.!

14 pounds--wow! I've nearly doubled that both times!

Sue said...

So happy things are going well!
And what a fantastically marvelous name - it will serve him well.

Gina said...

I bet you will be skinnier afterwards! I gained 16 pouns with my first and lost it all in thw first week home, plus 5 pounds. And then I only gained 5 pounds with my last and lost 15 pounds before I brought her home. Net loss 10 pounds! Score! :)

And my son is named Alexander so thumbs up on the name. We call him Xander though.

Gina said...

Ugh...excuse my typos please. :)

Anonymous said...

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