Married to the Empire

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Little Piece of Home

The past few weeks have felt as if we're on a very bizarre vacation.  Our cats are here, but we still don't live with them.  We have a house, but it's empty.  We live in an apartment, but it's not our stuff.  Just... odd. 

It makes me want to go home.  Home, as in Texas.  Where I no longer have a house.  But it's all been so surreal, it feels as if I should still have a house back there that's just waiting for us to return.

Just when I was feeling especially lonely and homesick, my husband came home for lunch with the news that he'd run into a group of older folks who were in the VOM gift shop, and they said they knew me and my family.  One lady was telling him tales of my grandfather showing up for church in his pajamas! 

Turns out, a group of senior adults were visiting and volunteering at VOM, having come from the church I was born into.  My parents met and were married there.  We moved away when I was a baby, but we came back when I was 14, so I actually had memories of many of these folks. 

They invited us to a barbeque, and it was so wonderful to see my fellow Texans who know my family.  Like a little taste of home, just at the very moment that I needed it.  And my sweet Alex was thrilled to have all those grandmothers wanting to love all over him.  I think he's been feeling the loneliness of no longer having an entourage at church.  When we visit churches, no one knows him, and yes, he's noticed. 

This is Alex, me, and Mrs. Teer.  My parents met in the Sunday school class that Mr. and Mrs. Teer taught.

Alex is being held by Anita, who was my 10th grade Sunday school teacher.

The whole group from Plymouth Park Baptist Church
Again, God came through in a remarkable way, one in which I would never have expected.  Just when I was desperate for home, He brought it to me.  Such an incredible blessing!


*carrie* said...

That's neat, Anne Marie!

Jen said...

Such a blessing! He knows our heart and our prayers and gives us just enough stress to make us thankful for the reminder that He loves us, remembers us and will provide for us. We just have to have faith. You have it by the bucket-full, Anne Marie.