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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Settling In

We finally moved into our house on May 4th.  Last night was the first time I'd even opened my computer since moving in.  We've been a tad busy. 

Mere days after moving in, just as the house was a complete minefield of boxes and mess, Alex started crawling.  Really crawling.  He'd taken a few tentative moves before, but he never got far.  Nope, he waited until he was in dangerous territory to start trucking it.  So, instead of getting things unpacked, I've mostly been keeping my baby safe. 

Steven kept pushing for a babysitter for a night out.  That sounded great, as I was starting to get punchy after nearly a month of me and baby 24/7.  I love him, but I need a break once in a while.  However, I said there was no way I was letting a teenager in to watch him while the house wasn't safe (again, those boxes everywhere).  So, Steven started moving some stuff out of the living room that we knew we wouldn't get to for a little while (like all the boxes of pictures for the walls).  Then, when friends came into town for the weekend, they pitched in to get the living room unpacked.  I deemed the room safe enough for me to feel comfortable leaving Alex with someone while we all went out. 

Turns out, Steven was pushing the babysitter idea so hard because that was his Mother's Day gift to me.  He figured I could use some baby-free time.  Oh, the irony!  The gift was perfect, especially as it also meant removing a towering source of stress, which was a living room filled with boxes that I just never seemed to have time to unpack.  Moving with a baby is hard stuff! 

The cats were beside themselves with joy that first night we spent in the house with them.  They were so excited that they kept flying around the bedroom and bouncing on the bed.  I finally kicked them out because we couldn't sleep.  That was pointless because they both cried outside the door, and Ninja kept sticking his paw under, grabbing the bottom of the door, and pulling.  *bam bam bam bam bam*  All... night... long. 

I think they missed us. 

We're just glad to finally have our family back together and to be in our own home with our own stuff.  It no longer feels like we're on a weird vacation.  I'm doing some real cooking again.  I'm doing laundry whenever I want again.  (VOM had very strict rules about the hours residents could do laundry.  Those rules made me nuts!)  And Alex is back in his nice, soft, cotton diapers again. 

Life is mostly back to normal. 

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Rhonda said...

so nice to read an update from you. How can Alex possibly be old enough to crawl?

I wondered how your cats would do through all this, sounds like they managed fine but I did not know if they would.