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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Crafting

This is all pretty old, but I realized I'd never put it up on the blog.  I had some fun making some onesies for Alex and a special little girl named Mara, who was born to a friend I used to sing with at church. 

For the first two, I used transfer paper that goes through the printer, then you iron it on.  Pretty simple stuff. 

Our little future Stormtrooper

When someone posted on FB a picture of a shirt with this saying, Mara's mommy said she wanted one.  So, I made one for her baby shower.  I hand-stitched a simple little bow to make it look more girly.

For the next onesie, I used my Sizzix.  I ironed some fusible stuff (the name escapes me right now) to the back of the fabric, cut it out with my Sizzix, then ironed it onto the onesie.  Easy peasy.

So nice to get to make pink stuff!

And finally, a card to go with Mara's gift.  (She got some other stuff, too, including a wooden teether in the shape of a bird and some homemade burp cloths.) 

I used DeNami stamps on the card, as well as a Martha Stewart edge punch.  You know I love me some Martha!  And DeNami is my favorite stamp company.  It's a fairly basic card, but I've found that my papercrafting time is minimal with a baby in the house.   I think I made that at 11pm, if that tells you anything. 

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