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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Works-for-Me Wednesday: Razor for Travel

I had a coupon for a significant amount off the Gillette Venus Breeze razor. That, coupled with Extra Care Bucks offered on the razor at CVS, and I decided to try it.

I'll be honest: It's not my favorite razor. It works well, but I prefer shaving gel and a normal razor without weird, gooey things attached to it. However, I realized that because of those weird, gooey things, this is the perfect razor to take to youth camp with me this summer. Because one doesn't need to use shaving gel with this razor, it will make shaving in those tiny cubes that pass for showers at camp an easier experience. (If you've ever experienced the joy of attempting to shave in one of those minuscule showers, you'll totally understand my excitement.) It's one less product to juggle in the shower while away from home.

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Unknown said...

I have a boc
x at the attick and there I leave things for the vacations/camps of the children.

I'll throw a few in for the boys.

Want to see what works for me?
See here:

Laane on the World

Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

I have that very same one! I thought if I used that, I wouldn't be throwing away as many disposable razors. But you still have to change the blades and throw those away. We'll see if it's really less waste and more cost efficient. It will come in handy at camp though!