Married to the Empire

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birthday Surprise

I've said here before that the stormtroopers don't do birthday parties. They're kept busy with charity events and various other things, and they haven't the time nor the will to act as birthday clowns, especially as they aren't allowed to accept payment for appearances. This weekend, though, Steven made an exception.

We have a friend whose daughter is a HUGE Star Wars fan. He said it would absolutely make her day to have a stormtrooper show up at her party. Because we like this guy so much, Steven agreed to come.

I have to say that seeing her face when she saw a real live stormtrooper walk in was priceless. She was so excited, and all the kids wanted their pictures taken with him.

She even wanted him to stand next to her while everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and she blew out her candles. Our friend was elevated to Best Dad EVER that day!

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ann said...

That is AWESOME! It would be my boys' dream come true to have a stormtrooper at their birthday party, too.