Married to the Empire

Saturday, August 2, 2008


You know the heat is bad when everyone is parking under whatever shade they can find, rather than parking closest to the door of the store.

We're used to high temps down here in Texas, but this week is especially bad. It's not even noon, and we're already up to 95. Expected high: 104. Sunday and Monday: 108. Thank God for air conditioning and ceiling fans!


Beth said...

I don't like it when it gets to be 90 degrees here in Boston, I can't imagine living in Texas. I'm sure there are a lot of nice things down there, but I could not take that heat. Definitely worse than the snowy winters to me.

Stay cool this week!

Jen said...

I hear you! I'm not sure what the temp is here right now, but I'm sure it's hot.

Yesterday was 103 here and the forcast was for 98. Since the forcasted high for today is 101, I'm sure that it will be horrible today.

Monday and Tuesday are suppose to be 102 here. I'd call in sick to work if it were going to be 108 here, without the heat indexes!

Now, I'm off to run an errand. I'm dreading it already. /whimpers

Ewokgirl said...

Beth, see, I don't think I could handle snowy winters. I don't know what to do in snow!

Jen, I hope y'all don't get the heat as bad as we're getting it. Steven went out at 10am to play disc golf with one of our youth-group kids. They came back about 2 hours later stinky and sweaty and RED. They were wearing sunscreen, but it was that overheated red, not sunburn. They got through 16 holes (or whatever they're called) and called it quits. Too hot to finish the course.

I think I might put a tray of water out for the birds.