Married to the Empire

Friday, August 29, 2008

Latest Decorated Composition Book

I have a friend who has been having a tough time lately, so I decided to send her a surprise. I boxed up a couple of books that I thought she'd enjoy reading, then I decided she might also like a journal. I'm really enjoying doctoring up those ugly composition books that are always so cheap this time of year! (Click on the pictures if you'd like to see them larger.)

This also gave me an opportunity to finally use the vintage Star Wars ewok stickers I have. This friend is someone I've known online for several years. While she knows my real name, I'm far more recognizable as Ewokgirl. Of course, I didn't want to hand the postman a package with Ewokgirl listed as the sender, so in case she doesn't recognize my actual name immediately, the little female ewok sticker should give her a clue!

I hope the package cheers her up a bit!


ann said...

Love the journal, Anne Marie! And the Ewok sticker is a great idea :) You are so thoughtful.

AnneK said...

You are so kind! I am sure she will love it!!

Joy of Frugal Living said...

That's a great gift, and a great idea for me to try (with the notebook). I'm sure it will help cheer her up.

beth said...

Wow - that journal looks so nice. Maybe one of these days I will try to make some of our journals/notebooks look special, too. I'm sure my boys would appreciate it.

Cathy VanPatten said...

Very cute! What a nice thing to do!