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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kitty-cat Taste Test

Calvin was diagnosed with kidney disease 2 weeks ago. We have to give him a prescription renal diet now. The vet gave us Hill's brand, but Doogie had issues with Hill's Science Diet years ago. He seemed to be doing all right on the Hill's renal formula, but then he started throwing up.

Doogie has always been able to stomach Eukanuba, which is made by Iams, so I ordered a bag of Iams renal formula. It arrived yesterday, and I mixed a little in with the Hill's. When I let the boys sniff at the new food, neither one acted very interested. However, Calvin has acted unhappy with the Hill's food, so I had to figure out which brand to keep them on.

I decided to pull out all my scientific skills, which are mostly nonexistent, and create a Kitty-cat Taste Test. Hill's brand is in the bowl on the left; Iams brand is on the right:

At the end of the day, we have a winner:

Hill's has won. This is actually the easier option for me because I can pick it up from the vet. I had to special order the Iams and pay through the nose on shipping. At least we now have this figured out. In the meantime, I've spent over $60 in less than a month on cat food. Ouch!

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