Married to the Empire

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy 10th Anniversary to My Sweet Stormtrooper

As I'm sure you can deduce from the title, today is our 10th wedding anniversary. How I'm old enough to have been married 10 whole years is beyond me! And boy, how the years have just flown by!

This was us 10 years ago. Please excuse the poor quality of the photo. It's in an album, and I didn't want to go to the hassle of removing it from its protective page.

I woke up this morning when Steven kissed me goodbye. He uncharacteristically just stood there, like he was waiting, so I rolled over and found that he'd placed a vase with pink roses on my nightstand. (Pink roses are my favorite flower, and they are what I carried on our wedding day.) I had to move them to the mantel to prevent a certain little kitty (*cough*Doogie*cough*) who is obsessed with water from knocking them over. On the mantel I found a bud vase with a single pink rose.

While Steven was waiting for me to discover the roses by the bed, he was whistling for our boys to come to him. He picked them up, one under each arm, placed them on the bed, and had them tell me, "Happy Anniversary, Mommy!" (Yeah, we're dorks who make our cats "talk.") They were each wearing a pink ribbon around their necks, which is a Big Deal. It's a joke in our house that I'm supposed to greet Steven at the door each night all dressed up, perfectly coiffed, and with happy kitties wearing ribbons around their necks. Of course, that never happens. So, not only did he wrestle ribbons on our boys this morning, but he put pink ones on them, which is something I'm not ever allowed to do because they're boys, and they don't like that (according to my husband).

By the time I got up with the camera, Calvin had already ditched his ribbon by the food bowls, but Doogie was still wearing his and looking quite picturesque.

Next I found a stuffed kitty wearing a pink ribbon, sitting on top of my morning newspaper (Steven retrieves my paper for me every morning), surrounded by more roses.

As a special gift, Steven bought me a first edition of my favorite book: The Chosen by Chaim Potok. Not only is it a first edition, but it's signed.

I'm feeling a little guilty now that all I've done for him is buy him a copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the Wii. He's far more romantic than I.

Happy Anniversary to my love, my best friend. May we have many more happy years together.

Updated to add: I was in a hurry this morning when I posted because I was supposed to meet our youth group to play volleyball with them. I didn't find the rest of the roses until after I'd posted. My husband left me more roses in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and on top of the piano! Isn't he the sweetest?!


Beth said...

What a nice husband you have!!

And I see he didn't talk you into a Star Wars themed wedding, huh? ;)

Ewokgirl said...

Believe it or not, I had no idea he was so into Star Wars! I knew he liked it, but it hadn't yet morphed into full-blown obsession. But even if I had known at that time, um, no. No Star Wars wedding. Weddings are a covenant before God, so I'm not into themes or whatever. (No offense to anyone who has had a SW or other type of wedding!)

JunkMale said...

I (halfway) jokingly suggested that at my wedding, the wedding party should've entered to the tune of the Throne Room song at the end of episode IV. Although we didn't do that, I did get to sort of do it vicariously at my sister-in-law's wedding, where I took a lot of video footage and used the throne room song when the wedding party was walking out.

Don't worry, we "make" Luna talk all the time. It makes life more fun, and it makes her seem more cute.

JunkMale said...

I should clarify the part about the vicarious thingy. I had the throne room song playing in the video I made for my SIL's wedding, not during the ceremony itself. Although, my brother-in-law-once-removed (I guess you would call him) is quite a big SW fan himself too, so playing the song during the wedding would've been halfway considered.

Jill said...

How sweet of Steven. I am so impressed! I still remember the day you two married. It really can't be ten years already. I love your blog. I read it daily. I wish I was slightly as creative as you are.

Jill Smith

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Aww that is SO sweet! I love the ribbons on the cats! :-) Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Hey ewok, Happy Anniversary! I happened on your blog by way of an old discussion board that hasn't seen your smilin' face in way too long! I am glad things are going well with you, stop by for a visit now and then.

Heathermom (from BHG-FI)

Cathy VanPatten said...

Congratulations on the anniversary! You were a lovely bride!

What a honey of a husband you have--Isn't it great to be married to your best friend in the world?

Many, many happy returns of the day!

Vader's Mom said...

What a sweet, sweet hubby you have. How did he enjoy his present?