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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This Sewing Stuff Is Kind of Addictive

I've successfully made dish towels, which received lots of compliments at a shower last weekend, so I'm feeling very encouraged to try more sewing. This week's project was a rush job because it's something I want for youth camp next week: a bed pocket.

The thing about youth camp is that we sleep in crude bunk beds, and of course, there are no nightstands. Just lots and lots of girls' stuff flung everywhere, making me crazy. I get a little antsy at night about putting my glasses on the floor by my bed, so that's why I want the bed pocket. It will also make a nice spot to stash a small flashlight for easy retrieval and something to read.

I got the idea for the bed pocket from this book, but I really just did my own thing. I bought 1-1/2 yards of fabric, which is hopefully enough to hold it in place under a camp mattress (we'll see next week--I'm a little worried that it's too short). I cut it into 2 pieces, sewed the wrong sides together, turned it all right-side out, folded up the bottom to make a pocket, then stitched all the way around. I wasn't precise with any of it, which definitely shows in the final product, but as this is for camp, I really don't care.

I think I spent approximately one hour on the whole thing. If I'd been more concerned about precision and perfection, that probably would have added another 30 minutes or so. This was a very easy project. Oh, and as all the spring/summer fabrics are on sale right now, I spent just over $5 on this. Easy and inexpensive!


*carrie* said...

Cute project--I really like that fabric!

Kristen said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I want to make my boys something similar for their bunk beds. Just a little spot to keep a flashlight or favorite Star Wars figure! I was thinking of using old jeans to make them. Fun!

Jen aka O4L said...

This is a great idea and my girls would love to take this to Girl Scout camp. And I think it is easy enough that even I could figure out how to make them!

(BTW- you are missed.)

Jen (O4L)