Married to the Empire

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Concert That Really Wasn't

Every summer, the stormtroopers are invited to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens for the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra's "Laser Adventure," which is part of their Concerts in the Garden series. This Saturday was the first time that Steven was able to troop at it. For working the crowd before the show, each person received 2 free tickets, which meant that I was able to tag along for free.

It all sounded good...

A few pictures of the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion working the crowd:

My husband signing autographs--bet you never knew that I'm married to a celebrity!

The Doctor (the David Tennant incarnation from Doctor Who):

The stage area:

But the sky was looking quite ominous:

It started drizzling, and they pushed the concert back to 8:15. Then it started coming down harder, and they postponed the concert to 9:00. When they finally got around to starting the show, it was still raining, and it wasn't actually a concert. Naturally, the musicians didn't want to play their instruments in the rain, so we got canned music. And only the second half of the show (just the music from E.T. and Star Wars). It wasn't exactly a fun experience to sit huddled under an umbrella, wrapped in a wet blanket, and listen to a concert that wasn't even a concert.

Lindy and Mike:

Steven and me:

The only good thing was that the rain made for a more interesting laser show:

Would you believe that it hardly ever rains here in summer? A special thank you to Mike for having the foresight to bring two umbrellas and share one with us!


AnneK said...

We recently went to a place called Old Towne in Orlando and we saw Stormtroopers there and I remembered you guys. :)

ann said...

Awww too bad you didn't get to hear the music. Does Steven sign his autograph with TK(his number)? That was a pretty cool idea to have the 501st out to be part of the event! It seems like that unit keeps busy and is in high demand. I've never been to an event in Iowa, Ohio or here where they were part of it, just only at the celebrations.

Ewokgirl said...

Ann, I think it's simply because we live in such a large, metropolitan area. Their garrison actually involves all of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. I think the guys in Dallas, Houston, and sometimes San Antonio are the only ones who get to do a ton. Sometimes other large cities request them, but it mostly seems to just be those 3 TX cities.

Plus, the more they're out there, the more people realize that they can request them for events, leading to even more opportunities.