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Monday, June 16, 2008

Is the Roofing Starting Today?

I went out to fill my birdfeeder and found this in the driveway:

I guess the roofers are planning to start work today? I would have appreciated a phone call or something to let me know they're going to start work. At least, I assume that dumping roofing materials in my driveway means that they're about to start work. Good thing they parked their materials on Steven's side of the driveway, as I need to get out to run some errands today!

Regardless, I'm glad that they'll be starting soon. Because so many roofs in the Dallas area were damaged in the big hail storm in April, roofing companies have been inundated with work. Good for them, but bad for customers, as it means long waits. In fact, of the 3 roofing companies our insurance company recommended to us, only 1 called us back. Guess which one we hired?

I expect things will be getting loud around here very soon.

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