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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What to Do with Saved Coins

We toss our coins into jars around here, then roll them when we have enough and take them to the bank. Sometimes I'm nice and responsible with them and put them in our savings account. And sometimes I do something fun with them. Like yesterday.

When I was in Sam's Club a couple of weeks ago, I saw that they were selling seasons 6 and 7 of Star Trek: Voyager for a mere $46.88 each. Considering that retail for these used to be over $100/season, this is downright cheap! Steven had already bought me seasons 1-5 for various birthdays and Christmas, and I'd like to complete my collection. I realize I'm in the minority with this, but Voyager happens to be my favorite of all the Star Trek shows.

So, I turned this:

Into this:

Okay, so I only had $30 in coins and had to add my own spending money to it, but you get the point.

And as an aside, when the stormtroopers were at FedCon in Dallas on Friday, Garrett Wang, who played Harry Kim on Voyager, was waiting in line to take a picture with them. So, my husband had a Voyager cast member wanting to take a picture with him, instead of it being the other way around. I was so disappointed to have missed that!

Does anyone else save coins? If so, what do you do with them?


JunkMale said...

Hey, I'm with you...I actually like Voyager. In the past I've often looked at the prices on Amazon and they are (were?) absolutely through the roof. Perhaps one day when we haven't just had a $500 A/C repair bill, I will look around at our local wholesale store.

I also liked Deep Space 9 a lot (have seasons 6 and 7), because it wasn't as heavy on the happy-go-lucky Federation fluff. They didn't spend so much time wringing hands about violating the Prime Directive as they did wringing their hands about how they were going to win the war. I don't know how much I like moral ambiguity in other media, but I liked it in DS9.

Kimber said...

I started using the infamous Dave Ramsey "envelope system" about a year or two ago, which (obviously) generated a LOT more coins than when I was putting everything on the credit card. (Paid off every month...but still became painfully obvious that I did indeed spend more when I didn't have a set limit in hand) I began putting them in the coin container, and that is our self-proclaimed "Disney Fund", which is a catch-all term for vacation fund. It's paying for our beach trip in October, and in the meanwhile will be paying for a couple of day trips my son & I are taking this summer. It's amazing how quickly it adds up!!!

Ewokgirl said...

You know, DS9 is the only show in the Star Trek franchise that I've never seen. I've heard it's one of the best, though. I'm afraid to try it, though, lest I'll find myself wanting those DVDs, too. I've still got one season of Voyager to collect and five seasons of Next Gen! Tres expensive!

Kimber, I love Dave Ramsey! While we don't necessarily follow his plan, we do use bits and pieces. Our cash comes from our allowances. I pull a set amount of bills out of the bank each pay period. I give some to Steven for his personal spending money, some to me for mine, then the rest is our entertainment money for movies, dinner out, or whatever. That's where all our coins come from. This cash budget has worked so well for us!

AnneK said...

Coins go to pay tolls. No kidding. We live in an area where we have two choices to go downtown. One road has 500 lights and waste an extra gallon in gas or take the toll road which costs $3. So with gas prices being what they are, we do the toll thing. I have a cute little piggy in the kitchen who holds all the coins.

Ewokgirl said...

Annie, do y'all not have the option of TollTags? We have those here, and they save us something like 20 cents per booth. We have a set amount on it (I think $40), and when it reaches a certain point, it reloads and charges our credit card. Steven used to take a toll road to work, so that was the best option for us.

We had to take a toll road to my sister's house when she lived here, and they're rebuilding the road we take to my parents' house and making it into a toll road. *sigh* They won't add any taxes to gasoline here, so they're tolling us to death instead.