Married to the Empire

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here's Some Irony for You!

I was thinking that I might need to board the cats during the roofing. Once those guys get up there and start making loud noises, my boys (more specifically, Doogie) might be too freaked out. I remember when our next door neighbor had a new roof put on. It was LOUD, so I imagine it's 100 times worse when you're inside the house that's actually being worked on.

I drove past the vet's office today on my way to catsit for friends. We board our boys there on the odd occasions we've needed to (like when we had jackhammering going on to fix those leaks under our house). Unbelievably, the vet is getting a new roof this week, too! What are the odds?

I guess my boys need not fear a trip to the "bad place" now!

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