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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Phase 2: Prepare for jackhammering

The carpet people came yesterday to move our furniture and pull back the carpets. The house is a mess now. Ruf and I spent a good amount of time last night covering things with plastic to keep dust off the furniture and out of the cabinets.

The living room with no carpet and all the furniture shoved into the dining room:

I'm a little concerned about the piano. It's not moved very far from where the jackhammering is taking place. I imagine the vibration will not be good for it. We'll definitely need to call in a tuner after this.

The kitchen all covered up (and if you can see my wallpaper, please know that I did not choose it, I know it's ugly, and we just haven't gotten around to removing it):

Yes, some of the living room furniture is now in the kitchen.

The master bedroom:

We covered a few doorways with plastic to keep dust out of rooms and closets. This is the door to our master bathroom:

And for posterity's sake, here is the really ugly flooring that was discovered under the carpet. The ugly stuff is at the top, and our current (and chosen by us) vinyl flooring is at the bottom of the shot, just for comparison:

By the way, our cats are MAD. We locked them in the guest room overnight. They're not used to being confined, so they were quite angry over that. But things were worse this morning because they were put in their carriers and taken to the vet's for boarding. So, they actually went from mad to terrified. But maybe they won't be so mad tonight about being locked in the guest room. I imagine that spending the day in a cage will make them more appreciative of being confined to a single room in the house.

As of right now, the leak people are jackhammering through my floors, and I'm sitting in the car parked out on the street making updates from my laptop. When the library opens in 20 minutes, I may head over there to spend some time. It's just too loud to stay in my house right now.

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