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Monday, September 10, 2007

Phase 1: Prepare for carpet people

Ruf and I spent the weekend packing up our house to prepare for having leaks under the house repaired. I'm now done with everything that needs to be done before the carpet people show up to move our furniture and pull back the carpets. Parts of the house look so empty, and other parts are so crammed, they feel claustrophobic. Since I have nothing else to do while waiting for the carpet guys, I thought I'd show you the state of our house at the moment.

Emptied out living room:

Emptied out bedroom:

There's an arrow taped onto the wall behind the dresser. That's to show where the leak is. It's under the dresser. Nice, huh? Not at all inconvienent. Our other leak is in front of the fireplace in the living room.

And now for where all the stuff we packed up went. The Star Wars room has most of it. Unfortunately, this is also where I'll be spending the day tomorrow during repairs, assuming I have to stick around. Otherwise, I'm going to spend the day at the library with some peace and quiet!

The guest room isn't as packed because that's where the cats will now reside. We're letting them stay at home overnight, but during the repairs, they'll be boarded. They won't be happy. At all. Not an ideal arrangement, but better than boarding them the whole time.

And finally, my craft room. It's loaded up with a few things, such as suitcases full of clothing emptied out of the armoire and dresser, a TV, the ironing board, and a few other things. It's a mess.

Since I had to remove all the bedding and curtains, I took it all to the laundromat this afternoon. They have those giant washers you can cram big things into, so I had all of that washed and dried within an hour. One good thing that's coming out of this situation is that the house is going to receive a really good cleaning!

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AnneK said...

Your living room looks so airy, I love that. Nice big windows. Good luck with the repair! I feel for you having to sit among this much hammering