Married to the Empire

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Phase 3: Repair pipes

I spent part of the morning at the library (peace and quiet, plus a bathroom!). The leak guys called to let me know they were ready for lunch, so I went to Sonic to get my own lunch, then came home. There's nothing quite like walking into one's house and finding holes in the floor and big piles of dirt!

The living room:

The bedroom:

I'm not sure if you can see it or not, but that last picture was taken to show the tree roots that were the cause of the break in the sewer line. Believe it or not, those roots were an answer to prayer. Our insurance company had said that they would cover the cost of pipe repairs ONLY if the breaks were caused by tree roots. My whole women's bible study group was praying for tree roots back in the spring. Thankfully, that was indeed the cause.

When the guys came back from their lunch break, they walked past the Star Wars room where I'm set up right now. They both came in to look around and comment. It's always fun to hear people's reactions when they see Ruf's room.

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