Married to the Empire

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


"To her delight, Barney gave her a necklace of pearl beads. Valancy had wanted a string of milky pearl beads--like congealed moonshine--all her life. And these were so pretty."
--The Blue Castle by Lucy Maud Montgomery

I don't really know what it is, but down South, pearls are an important part of womanhood. Most of us have our own set of pearls. It's a rite of passage. I was supposed to get my pearl necklace at the end of 8th grade. That's when my sister received hers to wear with her formal gown to the 8th grade banquet, which was kind of like a mini prom. But we'd moved by the time that particular event rolled around for me, and I really didn't have anything I wanted to wear pearls with. So instead of a necklace, I received pearl earrings and a ring.

By the time I graduated from high school, I'd come to my senses and wanted my own string of pearls, so that was one of my graduation gifts. Later came a pearl bracelet and even pearl earring jackets.

But I hardly ever wear any of them. For one thing, Ruf says they make him think of old ladies. Maybe because pearls are such a big deal in the South that he's always seen them on old ladies. And really, the younger set really hasn't embraced that old tradition too much.

I've been reading The Blue Castle lately. I saw that AnneK has it in her personal library list, and as it's by an author who wrote one of my favorite series, I thought I'd read it. It's a fabulous little story; L.M. Montogomery has such a descriptive way with words, so I couldn't help but love the way she described Valancy's first string of pearls.

I've decided to start wearing my own little drops of "congealed moonshine" more often. In fact, I wore them out today with a very ordinary outfit of a t-shirt and denim capris. It felt wonderful.


Leia said...

You really just can't go wrong with LM Montgomery. If you want another more "adult" story, try "Kilmeny of the Orchard." It's the only one she wrote from a man's point of view. "A Tangled Web" is good too, as are many of her short stories. They're all just good, clean, stories - well-written, and just _good_.

Anyway, I've seen you around the MommyBlogosphere and have thought that Princess Leia and Ewok Girl really needed to get to know each other. Glad for a chance to say hi!

chubmoma said...

Yay for wearing your pearls. My Dh gave me mine many years ago. I just love them and feel so special whenever I wear them.

AnneK said...

Your pearls look lovely. I have the funniest story. I am not from South, but I have a thing for pearl stuff. I had a nice pearl necklace, but it broke recently and I had casually mentioned to DH that I need to buy another one. It is my b'day tomorrow and he remembered what I said and bought me a pearl necklace and gave it to me at a surprise party he gave the other day. Bless his dear heart, it is HUGE! I like necklaces that lie close to my neck, not something that goes to my stomach!! I am a tiny person, so it so totally doesn't suit me. Poor baby, I don't want to return it and hurt him though. I am not sure if I can bring myself to wear it though.

He is so very thoughtful. Thought I would share it :D Oh, and Blue Castle is one of my favorite LMM books.

Ewokgirl said...

Leia, it's nice to meet you! Always glad to meet more Rebels. Far too many Imperials in my life. ;-)

Connie, thanks so much for stopping by here! You're a sweetie to read my blog.

Anne (do you prefer Annie--I've seen other bloggers call you Annie), I feel for you. So sweet that he bought you new pearls, but I totally understand about wanting a smaller necklace. I wear only delicate jewelry; I can't stand anything chunky or too long. My pearls are actually at the top of my heavy-jewelry limit, not that they are particularly large, just heavier than a gold or silver chain.

Oh, and I'm wearing my pearls again today! :-)

Allison said...

I wear my pearls almost every single day, and with just about everything. I sometimes get comments about being a wannabe southern "pearls and t-shirt" girl :) but I love how pearls just pull together an outfit. Regional differences are so funny...NO ONE wears pearls in the northeast!