Married to the Empire

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Y'all, I'm tired!

No pictures for you today. Apparently, the easy part of this week's events was taking everything down. The hard part is putting it all back together. Today was spent giving the house a thorough cleaning and putting a few things back in order. I've still got all my boxes to unpack, so I guess that's on tomorrow's agenda.

Oh, I also spent a good amount of time with my iPod this evening. My dad saw my blog post about my frustration with it. He called me about it four times today, which I think is a record for phone calls from my father. But now I seem to have it sorted out and working properly, and I think I can actually now import music onto it all by myself. Besides, now he can't say I'm whining, which is what he said I was doing in my previous post. Humph!

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AnneK said...

Well, you should take a vacation after all this! Thats QUITE a bit of work taking it all out and putting it together.