Married to the Empire

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More home problems

This is actually more of a yard problem, but either way, it's going to mean money slipping from our grasp.

I walked out to get the mail today, and I happened to notice this:

That would be a big ol' split down the center of the beautiful Bradford pear tree in our front yard. I was just sick to see it. Closer shots of both sides:

I now have 2 different tree specialists scheduled to come out tomorrow to take a look at our tree and give us an estimate on whatever needs to be done. I'm really hoping it can be saved, but the split looks pretty bad to my untrained eye. We have to have this taken care of ASAP because the part that's splitting off could hit our house and do some serious damage. We've had pretty serious drought conditions the past few years, then we had massive flooding in spring and early summer. Trees are in distress in this area. I guess it was just our turn to have it affect our property. *sigh*

Sometimes I really hate homeownership.

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