Married to the Empire

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tree Removal

Ruf and I spent last night at Lowe's buying a chainsaw, goggles, earplugs, and twine. And I made a trip today to buy a second pair of loppers. Ruf's stormtrooper buddy Fred was kind enough to offer help with removing the fallen portion of the tree. A neighbor I'd never met before came over earlier today with his daughter to introduce himself and offer his help. I thought that was really kind of him, considering he doesn't even know us. Then again, that may also have been his tactful way of telling us that he's sick of seeing our fallen tree. As are we.

Ruf and Fred are outside right now working hard. My job is mostly just to bring them water and Gatorade and check the city's website on the requirements for yard waste pickup. I think I drew the better end of the stick. ;-)

Fred working hard:

Ruf relaxing with a cup of water, watching Fred work hard:

Doogie checking out the fallen tree before he got scared out of his wits and tried to headbutt the front door to go back in:

Progress in the yard:

One of our crepe myrtles suffered some loss as a result of half a tree falling on it. The damage isn't too bad, but it's a little lopsided and broken now:


Susan said...

Looks like quite the fiasco with the tree! I loved the title of your blog, Married to the Empire. Very nice. Couldn't get my hubby into the Star Wars stuff. He being raised in a different culture and all. Well just stopped by!

Ann said...

Hi!!! A friend of mine came across your blog and shared it with me, because I am also a stay home mom whose husband is a Star Wars collector! He doesn't dress up but we've been to Celebrations I, III, and IV (missed II because we had our second son). If he did dress up, he'd definitely be part of the 501st! It's fun, but sometimes I find myself asking, "How many copies of an exclusive action figure does a person REALLY need??" Anyway, it's nice to meet you! :) MTFBWY!

Ewokgirl said...

Susan, thanks for stopping by! My husband loves my blog title, too. He's so funny with all his stormtrooper stuff.

Ann, I wonder if we ever ran across each other at CIII? My hubby had a HUGE diorama of Dagobah Swamp on display in the fan-exhibit hall. It was awesome that he had something on display AND was in the 501st because we got into everything without waiting in any lines.

We didn't get to go to CIV this year.

So, do y'all have a Star Wars room in your house? That's one thing I never expected to have in my home! It's been fun, though.