Married to the Empire

Friday, September 21, 2007

Still plugging away at the house

Sorry all my posts have been so house-focused lately, but that's all that's been happening in my life lately. I'm almost done putting it all back together. I've been sorting and purging, and the give-away pile is growing.

I even culled a few turtles from my collection. I collect turtles from around the world, and I prefer them to be made of materials indigenous to the area they come from, or to be decorated in a native style. Not everyone gets that, so I've had a few turtles join my collection that just don't belong (thoughtful, well-meaning friends). I finally became brave enough to pull the worst offenders from the collection. And it feels good!

I also pulled a few knick-knacky things from my shelves that kind people have given me, but I have no real desire to keep or display the items. There's a tiny feeling of guilt niggling at the back of my brain, but overall, it feels great.

I'll have some pictures up later when everything is done and I've bought new batteries for the camera. Ruf bought a HUGE pack of batteries from Sam's, but as his stormtrooper costume takes about 20 batteries, he's hogging them and told me to buy more. I will, if I have the time!

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