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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

IPod frustration!

Ruf and I just spent over 2 hours trying to figure out how to put stuff on my iPod. My dad showed me how yesterday, but what he showed me wasn't working today. To make things more complicated, he had imported his entire music collection onto my computer. I didn't want John Tesh, Bill Gaither, The Cathedrals, or the multiple singers/groups that I'd never even heard of. So I had to spend some serious time deleting stuff. I kept a few things, such as Les Miserables (because my Les Mis collection is on tape) and Sissel Kyrkjebo (whom you've probably never heard of if you're not Norwegian, which I'm not, but I still have this album and it's saving me the hassle of downloading my own copy). And I added my new Simon & Garfunkel album. At least, I tried to. I did manage to put one of the discs on my iPod, but the other is refusing to sync. This is where all my frustration lies.

We went to the iPod help website. We've done what it says to do. And yet, we're still having major difficulties. My husband, the professional internet developer, the guy who can build a computer all by himself, couldn't figure this out! He finally went to bed, and now I'm blogging about how frustrated I am. I figure that's healthier than chucking the tiny thing across the room, thereby assuring that I will never be able to put any music on it.

And I probably shouldn't even mention the audio book I have from the library that doesn't want to play on anything but my computer. It says it's iPod ready. But I can't even put it into iTunes to put it on my iPod. Ruf spent a ridiculous amount of time working on that. He put it in there somehow, then we couldn't get it on the iPod.

I think I need to go to bed before I start ripping out my hair.


Jen said...

I had this problem with my iPod Shuffle. After two hours of frustration, calling my husband AND my older brother AND my oldest son (all who know the workings and wirings of computers), I finally had to do a system restore.

My nice little Apple Update completely messed up my Shuffle and wouldn't let it sync to my computer. After I did the system restore and left it at the original installation point, I have had no more problems. Every time the update notice comes up I just close the window.

Have Ruf check on the system restore. Hopefully, that will solve the problem. Oh, you may want to back-up any information you need saved before he does that! It will be lost if you don't! Good luck!

Ewokgirl said...

Thank you for your advice! I may need to try that. Ruf was ready to do it, but I wouldn't let him because I figured I'd lose what was already on there. But I lost it anyway (no idea how), so it really wouldn't have matter. Ugh.