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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Graduation Gifts

We had 2 young ladies in our youth group graduate this weekend. I like to give nice gifts that look like a lot, but cost very little. As a one-income family, our budget just can't handle expensive gifts for every occasion that rolls around. I think that this year I came up with a pretty creative solution. Each girl received a very nice princess-cut peridot set in sterling silver, along with a silver chain. In the box with it, I included a biblical passage and a little blurb to let them know that this gift is meant to remind them of their faith and who they are in Christ.

Here's my little secret: Each gift was only $9.99. I purchased them from this site. At the time, all jewelry was $5.99, and the silver chains were an additional $4 each. (They've since raised their price by $1.) I think a lot of their stuff is kind of ugly, but if you're patient and wait for something lovely to cycle through, you can get some amazing deals.

To accompany the gifts, I made graduation cards. I was a little rushed, so they're not my best effort, but I still think they turned out nicely.

Wrapped and ready to go:


lizzykristine said...

The cards are gorgeous! I've been wanting to do some handmade cards -- you're inspiring me even more!

Jen said...

Pretty cards and what a great idea for a grad gift! I wish I had read this sooner because we have a party in 2 days. Doubt they'd ship out that fast.