Married to the Empire

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gifts Again

It seems like almost every post this week has had something to do with buying stuff. We have four weddings this summer. (You know you're getting old when it's your former youth-group kids getting married!) Add in some birthdays, Hallmark holidays, and graduations, and I feel like all my time lately has been spent planning, buying, and giving gifts!

I went to Bed Bath & Beyond today to get a wedding gift for Steven's niece. (She's getting dishes.) When I checked out, the cashier offered free wrapping. I took her up on it, but once I saw it, I shouldn't have wasted the store's time. All I can say is that it's a good thing this was free wrapping:

Do you see all the wrinkles? And the paltry bow is just pathetic. This will all be removed and I'll wrap it myself. Good thing I found Martha Stewart's wrapping paper on clearance a while back!

On a better note, look what my friend Karen gave me:

It's a "just because" gift, and I love it! It's just right for my morning cup of tea.


Jen said...

Hallmark is the only place I will take up the offer for free gift wrapping. I actually learned a few things from them!

I love that mug! It's adorable!

Kimber said...

That, my friend, is what we refer to around here as a "Happy"! (And how could that mug not make you happy?!!)

Our Summer Bible Study is on the book of Philippians...I'll have to crawl the web now to figure out where she got it so I can buy one for the lady leading our study...a "Happy" for her! :-)