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Monday, April 14, 2008

Martha Stewart Bargains

I'm a big Martha fan. I loved her old TV show (but don't much care for her new one). I loved her Martha by Mail products that used to sell on her website. The quality was top-notch, and when there was a sale, man oh man, could you ever get some great stuff cheap!

When Michael's came out with her craft line, I was excited, yet a bit disappointed. Much of it was overpriced. By a lot.

It seems others agreed with me because on Saturday, I found her wrapping papers, which were originally priced at $5.99 a roll (with only about 3 feet of paper on them!), on sale for $1 each. I'm willing to pay $1, so I snatched up 5 rolls.

The pastels will be great for baby gifts, and the others are just multi-purpose. The lavender is actually vellum, so I can use that with some of my craft projects.

In addition to the wrapping paper, I bought a new roll of white tulle ribbon, which is my favorite thing for making packages look fabulous. At $2.99 for 25 yards, it's an inexpensive way to make gifts look beautiful.

As for the pink-and-black ribbon, well, I'm a bit of a ribbon junkie. I use ribbons in my crafts and gift wrapping, but I also just enjoy looking at them.

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ann said...

Nice finds! I love the colors of wrapping paper.