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Friday, April 4, 2008

Thank-you gifts

Steven has had to work insane hours this week. Here it is Friday night 10:05pm, and he's still at work. The last time we had dinner together was last Saturday. He has a huge project due, he's the team lead on this project, and sadly, someone on his team was laid off this week. That left the team shorthanded.

Due to the fact that we agreed last week to lead our church small group last night while our group leaders are out of town, he actually came home early yesterday, which meant that he got to go to bed at a nice, normal hour. (Unlike the 2am bedtime he's kept most of the week due to working so late.) Too bad the hailstorm kept him from getting a truly good night's sleep.

While getting ready for bed last night, he mentioned a coworker who has been a hero of sorts to him this week for helping him on this project. As I had plans to spend today baking with the bag of organic bananas I bought this week for only 60 cents, I mentioned that maybe I'd give some banana bread to this coworker. Steven said that was a great idea, then he said he'd like to give stuff to 5 other people.

Today I wound up baking 16 mini loaves of strawberry-banana bread:

Another 17 mini loaves of banana bread:

I packaged them in gift bags that weren't too feminine (most of the bread was going to men) with tags that I'd stamped with "Thanks":

I drove to Dallas this afternoon to deliver fresh-baked sweet breads to his office. Steven is grateful to those coworkers, but so am I, as they've helped him not to have to stay until 3 or 4am every night. It's been hard to see my husband so stressed out and sleep deprived!

I gave a lot away today and still had plenty for our own fridge and freezer. Pretty impressive how far a 60-cent bag of bananas can go, don't you think?


ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I'll take some! Those strawberry-banana ones look especially good! Do you have a special pan to make them in, to get them that small and cute?

Cathy VanPatten said...

Gosh those look good!

What a sweet thing to do!

It seems the short-staffed teams and impossible schedules are de rigueur these days. I'm taking a break from working right now (nearly 9:00 am on Saturday) for just such a reason. At least my work computer is a laptop, so I can work from home and not drive a half-hour into the office!

Ewokgirl said...

Ashley, yes, I have special pans. Wilton makes a 9-loaf pan. Each little loaf winds up being the equivalent of 2 regular-sized muffins. I have 2 of these pans so I can bake 18 loaves at once. With coupons, I only paid about $6/pan at a craft store. They even make little loaf-pan liners for them, which is nice.

Cathy, you're fortunate you can work from home! Steven's work involves testing on work servers, client servers, etc. It keeps him in the office, which is probably just as well. I'd have trouble not talking to him if he were working from home, and the cats would make certain that he pays attention to them rather than his computer.

Meredith said...


(Sorry, had to scream in my excitement!)

The tags, the bags, the cute little loaf papers. Where did you find those, BTW? I have a 4-loaf mini pan but have always made do with doilies for wrapping the bottoms.

Ewokgirl said...

Meredith, you can get the little loaf-pan liners anywhere they sell Wilton products. I think my first batch came from JoAnn's, and I bought more yesterday at Hobby Lobby. Michael's sells them, too. I don't know what craft stores are in your area, but as long as they sell Wilton products (cake baking section), you should be able to find them. Fifty liners are only $1.49.

*carrie* said...

Anne Marie,

Great job! Such a thoughtful gift, and so nicely packaged. I didn't know you could buy loaf pan liners, either--will have to remember that.

Anonymous said...

You are sooo thoughtful! I'm sure your husband was very proud of having a wife like you :) The breads look great!