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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Last Day with My Nieces

I invited my sister's family to come over to my house today to have pizza, play with the Wii and dollhouse, and just hang with us before they have to leave. It also allowed my sister and me to go shopping together at the Talbot's Outlet in my town.

Ashley is just the right age for a dollhouse. My dad made my dollhouse for me when I was 7. It's pretty dusty right now, and it hasn't been played with in a couple of years (last time the girls were over), but we dragged it out to the living room. Ashley was enthralled with it. She and her sisters actually do own their mother's old dollhouse that our dad made for her, but it was too big to take to London. It's currently residing at their dad's sister's house. Ashley was too young to remember it, so it was fun to see her so happy with mine.

The older girls really enjoyed Wii boxing. As my sister said, it's the one time violence is condoned. I love this picture of Emily playing it. Her arms were moving so fast that they were just a blur:

Leah and Caroline boxed against each other while Emily actively cheered them on:

These videos will probably be of interest to very few of you, but here is Emily boxing:

And this is Leah and Caroline boxing. You'll get to see a little of everyone, except my BIL. I have no idea where he was during all this:

And finally, a shot of all the girls in the living room. Emily is the obvious gymnast of the family. Believe it or not, she finds the straddle split a very comfortable position in which to sit:

I boxed with Caroline and lost:

They fly back to London tomorrow. It was a bittersweet good-bye this afternoon.


AnneK said...

Oh my goodness! How does she sit like that? She is really flexible. Glad y'all had a great time with family.

ann said...

I'm so so glad you had such a wonderful time with them!! I'm sure it was very hard to say goodbye.

Isn't wii boxing hilarious?? I crack up every time my husband and boys play. And I tell you what, it is quite a workout!

I hope you get to see your sister and her family much sooner this next time! I hope you don't have to wait a couple years.

Ewokgirl said...

Anne, I know! I could do a straddle split once upon a time, but it was never a comfortable position! She's the kid who was invited to be on a special competition gymnastics team at her gym. She practices several hours a week. She showed off for me a bit, and I have to say, she really is good! It'll be interesting to see how far she goes with it.

Ann, thankfully they're coming back next summer. So, it'll only be a little over a year. My mom told me that my sister told her that when they pulled away from my house, Ashley started crying and saying she was going to miss me.

Man, I miss them already!

Cheryl said...

I wish we could see our family again after 2 years. It will be 4 years before we can get to Texas to see nieces and nephews that grow too fast and 4 little ones we have never met:(