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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

When it rains...

Well, you know the saying.

I posted earlier that we have hail damage to our roof, fence, gutters, window screens. The insurance company is covering it, but we still have a good-sized deductible.

On Saturday Steven pulled our Honda Civic out of the garage so he could get into the attic. When he pulled the car back in, he noticed a crack in the windshield. There's no starburst to indicate a rock hit it or anything. It's just cracked.

Thankfully our insurance company fixes this stuff for free, as long as the crack isn't too big. The glass guy came out today. The crack actually is too big, but he said he'd patch it anyway. He used some sort of "voo-doo compound" (his words) on it, and he said it would probably last longer than our car will. (And we'd like to get a few more years out of this car!)

We will get the windshield replaced, but this will do for now.

Of course, the AC is out on this car now, too. *sigh* Being Texas, we will have to get that fixed sooner rather than later.

Let's just hope that this string of lousy luck doesn't hold for Steven's appointment with his nephrologist tomorrow. It's a follow-up from his ER visit back in November. The ER sent him to a urologist, who determined it's a kidney problem. His nephrologist didn't have an opening until April, even though Steven has been an established patient for 8 years now. *sigh* I'm worried that his kidneys may be declining faster than expected.

Honestly, we could use some prayer right now. It's all a bit much to handle at once.


Beth said...

Sorry to hear about Steven's health concerns, and your car trouble. I will definitely include you in my prayers.

Vader's Mom said...

I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. And I know I just "met" you, but if there is anything we can do, please let us know.

Meredith said...

I'm sorry to hear that! I hope things start looking up soon : )

Ewokgirl said...

Thank you, all. I'm really just whining here. We're okay to deal with everything; it just feels like everything is being dumped on us at once. I'm a worrier by nature, so sometimes it all just gets to me.

It's really the kidney thing that has me most concerned. The other stuff is just a lot of repairs needing to happen at once. Steven's health is a whole other issue. My #1 fear is that he'll be told he needs dialysis or to be put on the transplant list. Realistically, I know he's probably still a few years away from that, but I still worry.

I'm just trying to put this is God's hands right now. Anyone else remember that old praise song "I Cast All My Cares Upon You?" There are some nights where I just have to sing that over and over and over until I'm calm again. It's that worried nature of mine that can eat me up if I let it.

AnneK said...

I pray for all my blog friends everyday and if anyone has any special requests, I pray for that sepcifically. Your request will go on my list tonight for sure. I know when there is a lot of little things going on, it can definitely get to you. And Steven's health issue is not a little thing. It is always harder when these things happen to the one you love rather than ourselves.

Hope that the doctor visit goes well and I will pray for you guys. Do keep us updated.

ann said...

I'm late reading this, Anne Marie. Right now the song "I Will Lift My Eyes" by Bebo Norman is playing on my Zune. "I will lift my eyes to the mountains I can't climb, I will lift my eyes to the calmer of the oceans raging wild..." I am praying for you!!!

ann said...


I made a typo on that, it's "I will lift my eyes to the MAKER of the mountains I can't climb."

Sorry! I was singing along while I was typing.