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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday stuff

Since Steven worked insane hours this week (he said he'd completed a 40-hour work week by Tuesday), we just played today. We bought him a pair of jeans at Kohl's, then headed to a barbeque place we'd never visited before. We had a buy-one-get-one-free coupon from our Entertainment Book, so we decided to try it out. Oh, man! It was GOOD. There were signs all over the walls saying that they cater to the Cowboys, meaning the Dallas Cowboys football team, so that should say something about the quality of the food. I just wish I'd remembered my camera, as it was a typical barbeque dive in a barn.

We next headed to the local Mills mall (outlets) to catch a movie. We saw Jumper, which stars Hayden Christensen. It was quite good. We don't often see movies in the theater, so I was glad we both really liked this one! It's sci-fi, so what's not to like?

After that, I wanted to go to the Corningware store. A few weeks ago, they'd had large Pyrex mixing bowls on sale for only $2. That bowl matched the set I'd bought for a bridal shower last week. I thought the bowls in the bride's set were a bit small, so I wanted to get her a nice big one to go with it. That particular bowl was no longer on sale for $2, but a different and even bigger one was. I bought that one for myself, found the one for the bride (it was only about $3.89, which is still incredibly cheap), and picked up a couple of very small mixing bowls for me. Those little bowls were only about $1 each!

I also found this fabulous wicker carrier/holder for Pyrex 9x13 pans:

It was only 97 cents! But this is where I let you know what a hypocrite I am. I saw that it was made in China, but I bought it anyway. I've needed something for carrying hot Pyrex dishes to potlucks. Admittedly, I haven't wanted to shell out the money for those big insulated carriers, so when I saw this pretty holder that won't be as bulky to store, I jumped on it. I guess I should pray extra hard for the people who made this.


*carrie* said...

Forgot to mention in the comment I just left that I have read My Name is Asher Lev.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you two had a nice day, sounds like a really nice date. My husband has mentioned wanting to see "Jumper" and since you said it was good, I'll just have to go with him to see it :)

AnneK said...

Fun to read about your weekend. We saw Jumper a while back. That was some bargain shopping!