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Friday, April 25, 2008

Counting My Blessings

The verdict is in: We have hail damage. The insurance claims adjuster came today. We figured we probably have hail damage because the neighbors all up and down the street are having their roofs repaired. We were right. The roof needs to be fixed, several screens, part of the fence (that will make Steven happy!)...

I'm frustrated by this because we just paid TWO deductibles in the fall for the two leaks under our house. It's expensive.

BUT, I'm seeing the blessings in the midst of this. All the hail damage counts as ONE deductible because all problems were caused by the same storm.

We may get a new fence, or at least part of a new fence, out of this.

We're not having to pay for a new roof out of our own pockets beyond our deductible.

Between the economic stimulus set to go out next month and my last paycheck from tutoring (which ended yesterday), we have the deductible money. That's all extra money, not budget money or anything from our savings. Granted, we'd hoped to save that extra money, but at least it's there, and we won't have to raid our savings this time.

While I'm frustrated that more money is slipping through our fingers, I'm so grateful to God that he is providing.

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Vader's Mom said...

Wow. We got hit by a storm last year and had to replace the roof. Then just a couple of weeks back we had to replace our living room ceiling because the a/c leaked. So, I understand your pain!!

So happy that yet again God has provided and you won't be dipping into money you can't really afford to let go of.

We need to get together. It's strange living this close to another SW family and not knowing you.