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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Great Stare-Down

Neighbors down the street have a very fat, very friendly cat. This cat has lately taken to letting himself into our back yard. I've tried to shoo him away, but when I go out there, he runs up to me meowing for attention. Same thing if I try banging on the window. If this cat had hands and could speak English, he'd be waving furiously and shouting, "Hi! Hello! I'm so excited to see you! Please come pet me!"

Calvin is pretty ticked about the whole affair. The back yard is his, and he doesn't get why I won't let him out to defend his turf. One glimpse of this cat, and Calvin is all riled up and ready to kick some kitty butt.

I have the living room windows open today. The cats have been enjoying the fresh air, but they are not enjoying the presence of the neighbor's cat, who just showed up. Calvin and Doogie were both in the window staring down this interloping cat, when the cat decided he needed to come closer. I think he's taunting my boys. Calvin started his "I'm so gonna kick your butt!" wail that he reserves for other cats, and Doogie fluffed up and freaked out. I think Doogie is now under the bed, and Calvin is having a serious stare-down with the interloper.

I'm not sure who is going to win this round. Calvin is tougher, but the other cat has a special power, otherwise known as apathy. He just doesn't care that Calvin is all angry and upset. That laid-back attitude just might be what wins the match.


ann said...

I love it I love it! They are soooo much like people!

And by the way, I tagged you for a meme :)

AnneK said...

Every time you write about cats, I think I should write about our neighbor cat Gator. I have hardly any time in life. Gator is so funny and SO apathetic.

Really cute story!

ann said...

Hahaha! I got your comment about Iowa! You know it's funny, someone else from Texas commented too, saying they had quite an accent. I remember thinking, "Well, Anne Marie's from texas and SHE doesn't have an accent." It doesn't come across on your videos, anyway :) Texas must sound different than other southern states like Mississippi or Alabama or Georgia.
And by the way, Iowa has lots of really good small liberal arts colleges I'd highly recommend! So if your youth kids are thinking of Iowa, they won't be sorry.
Not to mention in the summer they'll get to experience what sweet corn is SUPPOSED to taste like heehee! Oh I miss that. And now I'm hijacking your blog! Sorry!!

Kelsey said...

TOO funny!

Ewokgirl said...

Gator is such a great name for a cat!

Thanks for stopping by, Kelsey!

Ann, our current graduating seniors are going to Oklahoma for college, but I'll mention Iowa to them. ;-)

Texas does have a different accent from other Southern states. And we have different accents within our own state. My cousins from California think I have an accent. I do have one, but it's not a big one. Plus, I spent several of my growing-up years in the New Orleans area. Also spent some time living in Europe where my closest friends were not American. It all seeps in and has an effect on the way I sound.

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I love this!! My cats bristle up whenever one of the neighborhood cats walks by. Hehe

Lynn said...

Hehe! I just posted on your giveaway entry, but I have to add, I have a cat named Calvin too! Crazy! :-) Cute story though, cats are so funny.