Married to the Empire

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Too much Star Wars, perhaps?

I think my husband is becoming a little too one with Star Wars. There's a bird in our yard who chirps the same, long string of notes. Steven informed me that he thinks it sounds like the bird is singing "The Imperial March."

Sadly, ever since he mentioned it, now I hear it, too.


Beth said...

Wish we had birds like that here! It would be better to hear that than "peep peep peep" all day. LOL!

AnneK said...

oh oh It's catching!!!

ann said...

That is cool! At least it's not the "Nub Nub" song the ewoks sing at the end of the original ROTJ haha! (at least I think they're saying "nub nub")

dax248 said...

I wonder if I left my cell phone outside and kept calling it I could teach my birds to sing the Imperial March... then I think my husband would get me certified as nuts.

Seriously, I would almost pay to have my birds outside my window sing that.

Ewokgirl said...

I think I'd fall over in shock if birds started singing like ewoks!

If I think about when I hear it tomorrow, I'll go out with my camera to see if I can pick it up. I doubt the microphone on my camera is powerful enough, though, especially as I have yet to figure out which bird is doing it. It sang it again when I was out refilling my feeder, and it sounded like it was in the tree overhead, but I never saw it.

Once someone plants it in your head that this bird is singing that song, it really does kind of sound like it!

ann said...

I hope you catch it on camera!