Married to the Empire

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

At the Playground

The nieces had some energy to burn, so we loaded up the cars and headed to a park in my parents' neighborhood. These are a few of my favorite images from the playground:

Robert, my brother-in-law, scared me half to death:

Headed back to the cars, Leah rode on Uncle Steven's shoulders:

Caroline and Emily rode home from the park in our car. Emily still needs a booster seat in the car, so as she was getting out, Steven reminded her to take her seat with her, saying that our cats can't use it. I turned around and told Emily that the cats ride in little cages (their carriers) when they ride in the car. If she wanted to, she could trade with the cats. Give her booster seat to them, and she could ride in a little cage from now on. Her eyes became HUGE, and she quickly said she'd just take her seat with her.


ann said...

What a fun day! I love how you teased Emily about riding in the crate. Back when we had a pug, Owen would always get his little brother Ethan to go in the dog's crate. Then Owen would shut the door on him.

AnneK said...

Looks like y'all had a fun day! When I took my niece and nephew to the park, I would be amazed at the sheer energy! I could never keep up.

I always thought that it was a very uneven distribution of energy.