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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Emily!

My precious niece Emily is 7 years old today. When I think about it, I'm astounded at how old she is, as the time has just flown by. And I'm sad when I realize that this is yet another event in her life that I have to miss.

I can still remember that I wasn't able to meet her when she was first born. I had bronchitis, so I couldn't go to the hospital, as I had when her older sisters were born.

I've had to miss her birthday more than once because we had other family obligations. Steven's nieces and nephews are all a lot older, so we've had two high school graduations to attend that conflicted with Emily's birthday parties.

Emily now lives in England, so yet again, I'm missing out. However, with technology, I'm still there in some sense. I've just spoken to her on the phone, and my BIL sent out the photos of her opening her presents this morning, while this side of the world was still sound asleep.

I even got to see her open the gift from Uncle Steven and me, which thankfully arrived in time for her birthday.

I love this child, who such a zest for life. She makes friends with everyone and brings sunshine with her wherever she goes. She sometimes speaks with a British accent, and she says, "Pardon?" when she doesn't understand you. (That's so much nicer than the American, "What?") She's a budding gymnast and full of energy. She's one of the 4 little girls I love best in this world. I miss her every day.

Happy Birthday, Emily!

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AnneK said...

Happy birthday Emily! What a cute little girl!!