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Monday, June 23, 2008

Out of My Element

This is the piano I learned to play on. And quit playing when I was 13.

The only reason I have it now is because my sister, the true musician of the family, received a baby grand from our parents for her birthday several years ago.

Our music minister thought it would be good to start a youth ensemble (although we had enough show up to make it a small choir). He asked those of us who sing on the praise team in church if we would help. Seeing as I'm currently our only soprano, the youth sopranos have been assigned to me. I figured I'd only need to bang out their part on the piano or keyboard in sectionals, so that's all I worked on briefly at home moments before heading out to the first youth rehearsal.

Um, I was asked to play last night. For everyone. *cue horror film music*

I warned the kids that I hadn't played in 21 years. It definitely showed! Thankfully, one of the men who is helping with the boys' section came up and played the bass clef. (There was no way my brain was going to process the use of both hands on the fly!) So, we shared a piano bench and played in tandem. I managed to do the alto part along with the soprano, and I didn't mess up too badly.

Yes, in case you're wondering, we do have a piano player. But the music minister had told him that he didn't think we'd need him last night. Ha!

If nothing else, though, this is forcing me to do something I'm not totally comfortable with. Playing piano is a useful skill to have when you're a singer, so it's something I should work on anyway. And really, it's good to challenge myself. I just wish I didn't feel quite so out of my element!


AnneK said...

um, in your worst days, you would be a great improvement over me.

I was just wondering. Is blogger messing up on time. The timestamps of your posts are like 4 am. Or are you actually up then?

Ewokgirl said...

No, I'm not up at 4am. I've been making use of Blogger's new scheduled-post feature. I write the posts in advance, then type in the date and time for them to post. I just have been using 4am (CST) for posting. No particular reason, other than I doubt even the East coast readers are up and reading blogs before 5am.