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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Good Thing About All the House Repairs

One nice thing to come of all the house repairs we've had to do (new roof from hail damage, leaks under the house, etc.) is that we've earned tons of reward points on our credit card. We've been paying with the card, then transferring the insurance money over from our savings account to pay it all off.

My 10-year-old DustBuster is on its last legs. It can barely wheeze long enough to pick anything up, so I cashed in a few of our rewards for these:

I have a date with Bed Bath & Beyond planned, along with the 20%-off coupon that came in the newspaper. Free stuff is nice. What would be nicer? Not having to repair stuff in the first place!

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Jennifer said...

We do the same thing. We usually put work related expenses on our card and reimberse (sp?) ourselves when the expense check comes in. We pay off the card every month, so we have no interest to pay. We're left with wonderful points to spend. We do the cruise thing on one of our cards, and cash on the other.