Married to the Empire

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer Bliss

My favorite fruit is watermelon. More specifically, seeded watermelon. What is it with all the stores only selling seedless watermelons lately? Are we so lazy that we'll sacrifice flavor for the convenience of no seeds?

I finally sound a store selling the sweet, seeded watermelons.

Ah, summer bliss.


JunkMale said...

Seeded watermelons are great. I don't mind the seeds one bit, because I just swallow them.

We saved seeds from a seeded watermelon we bought last year, but so far those haven't yielded anything.

ann said...

I love fruit too. Got some nectarines that are so sweet they taste like honey yum. I had no idea that seedless watermelons weren't as sweet as seeded.

Cathy VanPatten said...

I am hoping our local farmers' market has some watermelons soon. I find the ones we buy from the supermarket lately have very little taste--even the seeded ones. But man, the locally grown ones? Yum!

I'm in heaven right now because the cherries are coming in from Wisconsin (Door County) and Michigan, and they are FABULOUS! Mmmm. I can hardly wait for Saturday morning to get my fix!

Jen said...

Watermelon...memories of the juice running down the chin, sticky hands, salt shakers, and seed spitting contests. My older brother always won!

AnneK said...

Are seeded watermelons tastier than seedless? I always get seeded since that is what they sell in the store, but I was wondering?

Ewokgirl said...

For those who have asked, yes, seeded watermelons are sweeter than seedless. That was something I'd noticed on my own, but then it was confirmed when I read it in The Dallas Morning News last week.

I read something today that says Texas is one of the nation's top producers of seedless varieties, so I guess that explains why they're so abundant in the stores while the seeded ones are not.

I didn't realize how flavorless the seedless ones were until I cut up and tasted that seeded one yesterday!