Married to the Empire

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It's the little touches.


AnneK said...

Hi AnneMarie,

Sorry I haven't commented in a while. I was able to read all your posts, but I was traveling most of last week, and wasn't ale to comment. Loved your anniversary post. Steven sure is a sweetheart, huh? :)

Sue said...

Beautiful rose!
Regarding Bella - she's fine (I think). The reason she's eating the Duck & Green Pea food is because she's licked all the fur off her stomach & inner legs. The vet thought it was probably a food allergy, so thus the very expensive, prescription-only food. She's been on the food for a while with no improvement (in fact, she's started licking her knee fur off), so it's probably something else. She doesn't seem itchy or uncomfortable in any other way, so who knows? I guess it's back to the vet, which means more $$$. I wish she could TELL me what's wrong...

Ewokgirl said...

" I wish she could TELL me what's wrong..."

I concur. And I've felt the same way many, many times.

Any chance Bella is anxious? Maybe she needs a friend while you're at work? I hope you find the cause of her behavior!